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Diana and I have completed The Night Angel Trilogy! It was such an epic adventure. Thank you for following us along our buddy read as we completed this great trilogy. We hope you check out these books if you haven’t already because they are definitely worth it. Our giveaway winners  are announced at the bottom of this post as well. 🙂

**The following may contain spoilers for The Way of ShadowsShadow’s Edge, and Beyond the Shadows


Did anything surprise you in this section?

{Diana} Honestly? I thought more people would die. Weeks has this habit of toying with your emotions in the most brutal way possible, so I thought that there would be bucket loads of carnage (now there’s a visual for ya), but there wasn’t nearly as much as I expected.

And it may be just me, but I was surprised at how rushed the ending felt. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty satisfying, but I kind of felt like it was all, “Here’s what happens after the final battle. I hope you enjoyed flying Night Angel Air. You can collect your baggage a luggage claim 3.”

Also, there were a few things that I would have liked to have seen the resolution of first hand. This may be a spoiler, but I kinda felt like the ending was left slightly open. There’s still so much potential storyline left over that I would have loved to have explored. Maybe I’m just greedy.

{Heather} I completely agree with Diana. I’m actually really surprised that more people didn’t die. I was waiting for most of the cast to be killed off and being stuck with Elene for the rest of the book. Speaking of Elene, I was really surprised with her role in the end of this book. It still doesn’t change how I feel about her.

The ending definitely felt rushed. I was surprised how much was crammed into the end to finish the trilogy. It could have almost been another whole book to sum up everything that happened. Then, maybe, we could have had more resolutions. I wanted more of the plots summed up, but I’ve heard that Brent Weeks will be venturing back to this world, so maybe we will get to see how all the characters ended up.


Who was your favorite character in this section?

{Diana} For me, it’s a toss-up between Kylar and Dorian. Kylar did some pretty amazing things in the final battle, but I think Dorian made the biggest sacrifices for the greater good. He totally redeemed himself to me from his actions in the last section.

{Heather} I would have to say Logan. He grew so much as a character in this trilogy, and I really like how he was in the end. He was such a great king and an even better husband. I really enjoyed that he conquered his past and made himself a better person because of it all. King Gyre all the way!


Who was your least favorite character?

{Diana} Definitely Neph Dada. What he did with Khali could have been catastrophic for sure. I don’t understand how he ever thought that was a good idea.

{Heather} (Spoilers) Elene again. This girl just can’t get a break from me. I’m just constantly hating on her, but I can’t stand her. I especially hate how she fit into everything at the end. It just felt odd since she didn’t seem all that special to me. I’m just glad I got my wish. 😉


What was your favorite quote or passage?

{Diana} I don’t know what it is about this quote, but it kind of gives me the warm-fuzzies. I don’t think it’s a spoiler but, just in case, you’ve been warned.

” Kylar saw that Curoch wasn’t a simple tool of magic. It wasn’t an amplifier of Talent. Curouch amplified the whole man.

Elene’s beacon of hope, Durzo’s titanic determination, Dorian’s penitence and astounding focus, Ariel’s intelligence, Logan’s courage, Vi’s longing for a new beginning, Kylar’s love of justice, the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, sacrifice, hatred of evil, feelings martial and impulses nurturing. Through it all, the glue that made the magic was love, and love sounded each instrument from its top to its bottom notes—and each man and each woman performed beautifully, heroically, some capable of only a few notes, some with huge range but little depth, and some of them true masters, but each giving all.”

{Heather} I definitely like the quote Diana chose. It was perfect for the ending of this trilogy. For me, I had two quotes for this round. The first is between Kylar and the Wolf. It will be a bit of a spoiler.

Kylar took a breath, looking over the city in all its splendor and remembering what it had looked like not so long ago. “We live on a great battlefield, and you and I fight behind enemy lines,” he said. “Like it or not, my lupine friend, you are one of the lights that helps me believe.”

[The Wolf] hmmed. “I will consider what you’ve said. The creature stirs. The day’s battle begins.”

“May the light shine on you, my friend,” Kylar said.

I just love how this relationship changed over the course of this trilogy. It was interesting to see who the Wolf really was.

This second quote is from Logan, and I just think it’s so sweet. I ended up squealing because of it. Logan is such a sweetheart and a great king.

“I’ve always wanted to be a dad,” Logan said.


Giveaway Winners

The giveaways have officially ended! Thank you to everyone who entered and participated. Diana and I are happy to announce the winners.

The winner for The Night Angel Trilogy paperback boxed set is . . .  Stephanie M.

The winner for The Night Angel Trilogy ebooks is . . .  Michelle M.

Congratulations to both of you!

We have already sent the winners an e-mail, and they will have 48 hours to reply to claim their prizes. If neither one replies, we will pick another winner. We’ll pick someone every two days until the prizes are claimed.

We enjoyed this buddy read and hosting these giveaways. Thanks again everybody!

The end of Beyond the Shadows is coming up next week and everything will finally come together. It’s all so nerve-racking!

*As a reminder, we’re both doing giveaways for this trilogy. If you haven’t entered already, you can do so on our introduction post.

**The following may contain spoilers for The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge.


Did anything surprise you in this section?

{Diana} Actually, there were several things, but TWO things flat out shocked me. First, there’s The Wheel. Not only could I not believe how incredibly, horrifyingly brutal it was, but I absolutely could not believe who was using it on whom (or is it whom was using it on who??? Whatever.)!!!! And then there was the truth behind Kylar’s immortality. Jaw, meet Floor. For real.

{Heather} I was pretty surprised by one scene with Dorian. I honestly did not see him ever doing something like that to keep himself and Jenine safe and to keep everyone thinking he was the rightful Godking. I wish Grakaat Kruhn wouldn’t have challenged Dorian like that then Dorian wouldn’t have had to do what he did.


Who was your favorite character in this section?

{Diana} In a surprising turn of events, I’m going to go with Vi. That girl has shown some serious growth in this book! That thing that she did for Kylar and Elene should definitely qualify her for sainthood.

{Heather} I’ll definitely agree with Diana about Vi growing in this book. She is becoming one of my favorite characters overall, but for this round I’ll have to say Logan is my favorite character because he is so sassy as king. I love how he just takes charge, and I’m hoping everything works out for him.


Who was your least favorite character?

{Diana} For lack of a better response, I’m going to say the Wolf. I still don’t entirely know what he’s up to and therefore don’t trust him as far as I could throw him into Ezra’s Wood.

{Heather} Elene all the way! I cannot stand this girl, and I’m mad that Kylar still wants to be with her even with the whole Vi thing. I’m rooting for Kylar and Vi to get together and for Elene to just disappear. Shoo, Elene!


What was your favorite quote or passage?

{Diana} My favorite quote this week comes from Heather’s favorite wetboy 🙂

“There’s no guarantee that justice will win out or that a noble sacrifice will make any difference. But when it does, there’s something that still swells my chest. There’s magic in that. Deep magic. It tells me that’s the way things are supposed to be.”

{Heather} Yes! My favorite wetboy! My favorite quote is from Logan when he is explaining to Lantano Garuwashi why he makes certain decisions.

“I knew this kid, small kid, nothing to look at. Someone picked on him once, and he flew at the guy like he’d lost his mind.”

“Did the little kid win?”

“He got destroyed. But no one picked on that little kid again, because he approached every harassment as if his life depended on winning. There were no rules in a fight with him. He didn’t care how badly he got hurt. He would win. I was always bigger and stronger than other kids, but I would fight fair and stop when someone conceded victory. I had to fight a lot more than he did.”

I just love this metaphor because it makes a lot of sense why Logan is responding to others a certain way. He tries to prove he will not be stepped on and pushed aside. I also really love how the conversation continues because you get to see that while Logan is a great king, he is still new to everything and worries if he is making the right decisions for his people. He is just all around awesome.


What do you think will happen next?

{Diana} Sooooo, I kinda already finished reading the book and I may have forgotten to make a note of what my prediction was when I got to the end of this section. I’m just going to leave this one up to Heather 😉

{Heather} Ahh, I need to know what happens next. This is driving me crazy. I’m really hoping that Elene dies, even though that is terrible to say, but boo on her. She needs to go away. Kylar needs to figure his life out, and I want Vi to find happiness. I’m hoping Dorian can rule the Khalidorians effectively without compromising who he is. There are just too many things I want to find out! I’m so nervous about the ending!

Beyond the Shadows is getting better and more chaotic as the story progresses. What will happen next?!

*As a reminder, we’re both doing giveaways for this trilogy. If you haven’t entered already, you can do so on our introduction post.

**The following may contain spoilers for The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge.


Did anything surprise you in this section?

{Diana} There were quite a few revelations surrounding Dorian in this section, but the thing that surprised (and dare I say terrified) me the most was The Strangers. Can you say creepy? And horrible. And, I’ll say it again, terrifying. The implications of what could be done with them is. . .is. . .I don’t even want to think about it.

{Heather} The Strangers are completely creepy. I was not expecting creatures like them to be in this world, but they add a whole new level to everything. If they were ever used, the results could be disastrous for everybody. They are just too awful to use.


Who was your favorite character in this section?

{Diana} Kylar, Kylar, and Kylar. I LOVE Kylar. He did something that made me very, VERY happy. If you’ve been following along you can probably guess what he did, but if not I’m not going to spoil it for you 😉

{Heather} Yes to Kylar! He was amazing! I was so happy with him. It’s funny because this is the first time Diana and I have said that Kylar was our favorite character. He’s developed a lot and becoming a really interesting character.


Who was your least favorite character?

{Diana} If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Terah Graesin. Seriously, she’s so incredibly despicable. GAH! I HATE HER.

{Heather} Terah Graesin is a horrible brat. She gets upset when something doesn’t go her way, and she is a terrible ruler. She needs to move over so Logan can be king!


What was your favorite quote or passage?

{Diana} My favorite quote this week is short and to the point. I love it because I feel like it applies to SO MANY situations in this story. Like, once you’ve hit rock-bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up.

“Cenaria had been burnt to the ground, and something good was trying to grow from the ashes.”

{Heather} My quote involves Kylar and Logan talking about Kylar wanting to do a certain wetboy assignment.

“Can you love an idea more than you love a man and not become a monster? How many friends will you sacrifice on the altar of Justice, Logan?”

“If you force my hand, at least one.”

I feel like this conversation between the two really shows the different perspectives and morals each of them have. They both believe strongly in what they feel and might even sacrifice friends for their beliefs.


What do you think will happen next?

{Diana} Complete and utter chaos? Really, your guess is as good as mine. There are so many cogs spinning in the wheel that is the plot of this book and I have no idea where any of them are going. It’s kind of unsettling.

{Heather} It’s getting so intense that I don’t even know where to begin. I’m nervous about where the end of this trilogy is going, but I want to know how everything wraps up. I just hope it does it in a way that doesn’t crush me.

Diana and I have started our Beyond the Shadows buddy read this month! There is a lot of excitement built up for the finale of this trilogy, and neither of us can wait to find out how it all ends.

*As a reminder, we’re both doing giveaways for this trilogy. If you haven’t entered already, you can do so on our introduction post.

**The following may contain spoilers for The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge.


Did anything surprise you in this section?

{Diana} Honestly, I feel like things are pretty mild right now, but I was surprised by what Dorian did to save Jenine. One might almost call it a sacrifice, and I’m excited/scared to see what happens with him because of it.

{Heather} I have to say finding out who Dehvi is really surprised me. For some reason, I just wasn’t expecting that character to show up so soon, but I’m glad he did. I can’t wait for Kylar to meet Dehvi. I think that scene will be quite awesome.


Who was your favorite character in this section?

{Diana} I am totally loving Dorian right now. I mean, I’ve always liked his character, but we’re getting to see A LOT more of him and he’s pretty awesome. Plus, the scenes between him and Jenine are just too cute for words 🙂

{Heather} I really enjoyed Dehvi. I mean you find out who he really is, and I’m just so excited. I actually squealed when it was revealed. So awesome!  I can’t wait to see more of him. At least, I hope there is more of him!


Who was your least favorite character?

{Diana} Terah. Graesin. Why has nobody killed her yet?!

{Heather} Yes, to everything Diana said. Terah is awful, and she needs to be eliminated soon! Her brother should go too. They can die together.


What was your favorite quote or passage?

{Diana} Speaking of Dorian and Jenine, this little scene between them made me laugh 🙂 *Possible Spoiler* *Explicit Language*

“You really are a wytch, aren’t you?”
“Not now. That magic is evil. I left it long ago and trained with the magi.”
“Could you use your magic to bring me warm food?” Her eyes sparkled with mischief and as they laughed together, he fell in love with her all over again.
“If I could manage a disguise that convinced Yorbas Zurgah I’m a eunuch, I think I can warm your food. Here.” And he warmed her gruel right then, hoping his I-do-have-a-penis was subtle enough.
She cocked an eyebrow at him. “Here I was thinking that if I’d been in an enchanted sleep and my prince needed to awaken me I’d have been out of luck.”
“Uh, in the books I’ve read, he wakes her with a kiss,” Dorian said.
“You’ve been reading the wrong books.”
Dorian coughed and blushed, and Jenine giggled wickedly.

{Heather} *My quote has possible spoilers as well*  This is a conversation between Dehvi and Vi:

Dehvi looked at her strangely, weighing her. “Have you ever felt that you were part of a grand design, Vi? That some benevolence was shaping your fate?”

“No,” Vi said.

Dehvi laughed. “Me neither. Goodbye, Vi. Watch out for that husband of yours; he’ll change you.” Then he left.

Once you find out who Dehvi is, it’s makes this scene even better. He’s awesome, and I love that he met up with Vi. It’s just really cool to see them in the same scene together. I hope there’s more!


What do you think will happen next?

{Diana} Somebody’s gonna die. Or maybe even lots of somebodies. I mean, it’s been 170 pages and the carnage has been uncharacteristically low. I feel like the other shoe is about to drop and when it does, I hope Terah Graesin is the first to go.

{Heather} I really want something to happen to Terah too, but I’m sure we’ll have to wait a while before anything horrible happens to her. Hopefully, it does because I can’t stand if she wins and doesn’t get what’s coming to her.

Diana and I finished reading Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks, and we wanted to discuss as much as we could about it because so much happens within this book. This is our conversation from Twitter.

*As a reminder, we’re both doing giveaways for this trilogy. If you haven’t entered already, you can do so on our introduction post.

**The following may contain spoilers for The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge.

Bookish Talk

{Diana} So, what did you think of Shadow’s Edge? Was it all you’d hoped it would be and more? 😉
{Heather} Yes, but now I want even more from Beyond the Shadows! After the ending in Shadow’s Edge, I need to find out what happens next.
{Diana} Oh, girl, me too! And that ending!!! GAH! Mind = Blown.
{Heather} Yes! I did a little dance when I finished. I was so excited!
{Diana} Ha! I bet you were! That was a pretty fantastic surprise. I’m dying to know what it all means 🙂
{Heather} I can’t wait to find out where it leads. Oh and especially everything with Logan! I wonder what’s going to happen to him in the next book?
{Diana} He’s going to punch Terah Graesin in the face and take his throne back, that’s what. Or, at least I hope that’s what he does, LOL! Like you, I’m super intrigued about the Wolf. Who is he and what in the world is he up to?!
{Heather} Logan better punch Terah in the face or I’m going to jump in the book and do it myself, haha. And, I know! The Wolf is so strange, and that note at the end really made me not trust him as much as I did.
{Diana} Right? I feel like we should have known better though. It seems like everyone has their own agenda or ulterior motive for EVERYTHING that they do. At this point I’m not entirely sure we can trust anyone. Except for Logan. . .I hope.
{Heather} That’s so true. Everyone is up to something. Logan better not betray us. I don’t think I’ll be able to get over that if he does.
{Diana} You know what’s funny? I was looking back at all of our chats, and not once did either of us say that Kylar was our favorite character. Why do you think that is?
{Heather} Hmm, that’s really interesting. I know I really like him though. Maybe, for me, it’s because he grew a lot in the first book, but in Shadow’s Edge he seemed to regress when he was with Elene. Maybe I just really can’t stand her, but I didn’t like what she did to him. I wanted him to not change just for her. What do you think?
{Diana} I actually agree with you. While Kylar is definitely, like, the driving force of this story and while I really do like him, I feel like he kind of devolved in this book. I largely blame it on that manipulative cow Elene, but I also think it has something to do with the loss of his mentor and, therefore, a loss of direction and/or purpose. I don’t think he knew what to do with himself once he was in charge of his own destiny and ended up making some pretty sketchy decisions because of it *cough* Retribution *cough*. I’m glad he got his act together though and I’m interested to see how the developments at the end change him, because I’m pretty sure they will.
{Heather} I completely agree. Without his mentor, Kylar just seemed a bit lost and didn’t know what he really wanted to do with his life. I feel like he became even more attached to Elene because she was someone in his past and he didn’t want to lose her. I wanted to smack Kylar so hard during the Retribution scene. I was like “you crazy, boy!” haha! Yeah, I’m ready for some more development from Kylar. I can’t wait to see how the third book will go for him.
{Diana} Okay, we’ve established that while we both liked Kylar, he didn’t quite do it for us this time around. Who was your fave character overall? I’ll be surprised if we don’t have the same answer 😉
{Heather} Haha I would have to say Logan! He’s just such an awesome character. Who was yours?
{Diana} Ha! I knew it! He’s my favorite too! He went through some pretty horrific things in this book but still managed to grow SO much. I have high hopes for his continued development in Beyond the Shadows—-so that probably means Weeks is going to kill him off :/ LOL
{Heather} Brent Weeks better not! I don’t know if my little heart can handle that. I know I would be extremely upset and be in a reading slump for the rest of the year, haha.
{Diana} Alright, flipside—who was your least favorite character overall?
{Heather} Oh gosh, it’s so hard to pick one least favorite character. There were so many for me, but I would have to say overall, the Godking was the worst. After all he did and all of the “decorations” in his bedroom, he was purely evil and power hungry. There were no redeeming qualities about him. My other least favorites were, of course, Elene, Terah, Fin, and Hu Gibbet.
{Diana} Man, I almost forgot about the bedroom decorations. That was. . .disturbing. He definitely is evil incarnate and the worst kind of bad guy, but my least favorite character was definitely Terah Graesin. She made me so FURIOUS. I literally didn’t know what to do with my anger for what she did to both Kylar and Logan. Especially Logan. If Weeks kills off anyone in the next book, I hope it’s her. And I hope it’s gruesome.
{Heather} Terah was just plain awful. I completely agree with you about how she should be killed, haha. She doesn’t deserve a fast or easy death.
{Diana} Out of all of the surprises that Weeks threw our way, what surprised you the most?
{Heather} The one thing that surprised me the most would have to be the note at the end. I really didn’t see that coming, and I just stared at the book for a long time in shock. I was so happy, and I didn’t think that would happen at all. What part surprised you the most?
{Diana} The same 🙂 I couldn’t believe my eyes—I had to read it, like, three times before it sank in! LOL. I was also pretty surprised by that whole Vi-Kylar-Earring thing and I’m dying to know how all that’s going to work itself out.
{Heather} Yes, as soon as Vi looked at the earrings, I was like do it! This would wreck Elene’s day, haha.
{Diana} Bahahahaha! That’s funny 🙂 So we’ve talked about what shocked us the most, but what was your favorite part of the book in general?
{Heather} *This will be a spoiler* I would probably say when Logan gets out of the Hole. I waited so long for it, and at first I thought Brent Weeks would get him out of the Hole only to kill him from infection, haha. I was so happy when that didn’t happen. What about yours?
{Diana} I was super happy when that happened too, but my favorite part is actually twofold: first I LOVED Logan’s speech before the last battle, and second I loved what happened after the last battle. You know, all the chanting. Look out Terah Graesin, the true King will rise! Lol 🙂
{Heather} I was chanting with them! Terah just needs to leave forever and never come back. She would be a terrible leader.
Logan is just so amazing! Every scene he was in was great, haha. His speech was fantastic, and I loved what he did for the women who had to become prostitutes to survive. He gave them so much hope, and he didn’t even have to do that.
{Diana} Oh gosh, I felt so bad for those women. Especially when they were rejected by their men at first after all they did to survive. What those women did on The Nocte Hemata was truly spectacular and it was so awesome for Logan to recognize them for it. He’s the best 😀
{Heather} Exactly! They did so much, and I really felt they deserved all the recognition. I can’t wait to see more of Logan! haha.
{Diana} Okay, so other than the very obvious, what plot thread are you looking forward to seeing the conclusion of the most?
{Heather} I want to see what happens with Vi. I mean after the earring incident, I want to see where all that puts her in the third book. Elene is another character that I want to see what’s going on with her. Mostly to watch her suffer, haha. While we are at it, I want to see Terah suffer too. Oh gosh, this just turned very dark. 😀
{Diana} Ha! Maybe just a little, but I’m right there with you 😉
I’m super curious about the whole Dorian-Jenine plotline. Especially because Logan and Jenine kind of have a thing going on. And of course I want to know about all things Logan. And the great earring debacle. And ALL THE THINGS. I’m ready for Book 3!!!
{Heather} I forgot about the Dorian/Jenine thing! That was really interesting when that happened. It was kind of cute when Dorian was talking about it. I wonder how Logan will take it when he finds out. I’m so ready for book 3 too! 😀
{Diana} Yay! Let’s do this!!!
{Heather} YES!

This is the final part for Shadow’s Edge. So many things happen in this section! Diana and I will be starting Beyond the Shadows next.

*As a reminder, we’re both doing giveaways for this trilogy. If you haven’t entered already, you can do so on our introduction post.

**The following may contain spoilers for The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge.


Did anything surprise you in this section?

{Diana} THE END. Really, everything in the last 100 pages or so, but HOLY COW, THAT ENDING!!! Brent Weeks is a evil genius and I bow down to him in reverence.

{Heather} I completely agree with Diana. The ending was a huge surprise! I was so excited that I squealed. I’m ready for the next book. *Grabby hands*


Who was your favorite character in this section?

{Diana} Like Heather, I liked Lilly a lot in the last section, but her part in the final battle of this book really cemented my admiration of her. Her loyalty to Logan is unwavering and that totally makes her a winner in my book 😉

{Heather} I definitely agree with Diana about Lilly. I would have to say Vi for this section. She’s really growing on me as a character, and I like where she’s headed. I can’t wait to see more from her.


Who was your least favorite character?

{Diana} Move over Elene, there’s a new biatch in town—Terah Graesin. OMG, I hate her SO MUCH. So, so much. Like, I was screaming at the book in public because of her. I seriously hope she dies a horrible, horrible death.

{Heather} Diana and I are very synced up with these questions. I can’t stand Terah Graesin! I thought Elene was bad, but no Terah had to prove me wrong. Why does she have to be so awful? I really hope she meets a ferali . . .


What was your favorite quote or passage?

{Diana} My favorite quote in this section comes from Logan as he addresses the masses on the eve of the last battle. I’m not gonna lie, it kind of gave me chills.

“Let me tell you what I learned in the Hole. I learned that in suffering, we find the true measure of our strength. I learned that a man can be a coward one day and a hero the next. I learned that I’m not as good a man as I thought I was. But the most important thing is this: I learned that though it cost me dearly, I can change. I learned that what has been broken can be made new. Do you know who taught me that? A prostitute. In a bitter woman who made her living in shame, I found honor, courage, and loyalty. She inspired me and she saved me.”

*slow claps* King Gyre! King Gyre! King Gyre! Ahem. What?! It’s not like you didn’t know that I’m Team Logan all the way 😉

{Heather} Besides the amazing speech Logan gives, my other favorite quote is when Momma K is talking to Kylar about showing a certain character compassion.

“What did Durzo teach you, Kylar?” Momma K asked. “A wetboy is a knife. Is the guilt the knife’s or the hand’s?”

“Both, and damn Durzo for his lies.”

I won’t say who they are talking about, but I thought this quote really did justice for him/her. Momma K is asking Kylar if it’s the killers fault for the murder or the person who hired the killer. I find this really interesting considering Kylar’s past, and I think it puts the whole thing in perspective because it’s not just one person’s fault when a wetboy kills someone. That person shouldn’t be the only one held responsible when two parties were involved in the murder. This quote just really stuck out to me, and I liked it.


What do you think will happen next?

{Diana} I literally have no predictions for what will happen in Beyond the Shadows. Weeks has already shown that he’s not afraid to make terrible things happen and that he’s most definitely a fan of high shock value, AND I’ve already had people warn me about the craziness that is the next book, soooooo I’ve got nothing. I really hope that something truly horrendous befalls Terah Graesin though. *crosses fingers*

{Heather} I’m not entirely sure but I hope Logan can take his place as King without someone *cough* Graesin *cough* trying to take it from him. I want to know more about the Wolf character. He is too mysterious, and I feel like he’s up to something. Chad keeps hinting at the third book being even better, but I’m not sure I can handle all of the twists. These books are just so good!

Part three of our Shadow’s Edge buddy read. Next week, we will be finishing this book and moving on to book three, Beyond the Shadows, in April.

*As a reminder, we’re both doing giveaways for this trilogy. If you haven’t entered already, you can do so on our introduction post.

**The following may contain spoilers for the first book, The Way of Shadows.


Did anything surprise you in this section?

{Diana} Only everything that happened in the Hole! And that’s A LOT of stuff, let me tell you! I may have yelled at the book a lot in this section.

{Heather} Everything in the Hole definitely surprised me too. I wasn’t expecting things to go that way. Hu Gibbet’s part was also a big surprise to me. I really want to tell everybody what happened, but I can’t spoil it. Go read the book now!


Who was your favorite character in this section?

{Diana} Since I was pretty preoccupied with the goings-on taking place in the Hole, my favorite character this go ’round is definitely Gnasher. The big guy was so protective of Logan that it’s hard not to love him.

{Heather} I have to say Lilly was my favorite this round. Her actions in the hole for this section were very selfless, and I really liked what she did for Logan. So much stuff happens in the Hole.


Who was your least favorite character?

{Diana} Fin. Fin, Fin, Fin, a thousand times FIN. I hate that guy. I yelled a lot because of that guy. I was extremely happy when that guy got what was coming to him. EXTREMELY happy.

{Heather} I’ll definitely agree with Diana on Fin, but I also didn’t like Gorkhy. He is such an awful person, and when it’s revealed how truly horrible he is, I wanted something terrible to happen to him.


What was your favorite quote or passage?

{Diana} I’m sorry, but it’s about to get a tad bit spoilery. The passage that I like doesn’t really give away any major plot points, but it does kind of allude to them, so you’ve been warned.

“You’ll doom us all,” Agon said. “You have the kind of power I’d die for, and you won’t use it to help us. Damn you.” . . .
“I know it doesn’t make sense,” [Kylar] said. “But I swore to leave this behind me. I broke that vow for Logan. That cost me Elene’s love and Uly’s trust. I didn’t abandon them so I could steal another life, but so I could save a life. Do you understand?”

I liked this quote because it showcases Kylar’s honor. That may sound strange because he admits to breaking vows and whatnot, but Agon and Momma K have just offered him the motherload of all wetboy jobs, and instead he chooses to use his powers for good to save a friend who may or may not be alive. It’s like, yeah, he’s made some sacrifices, but he’s gonna be darn sure that whatever he does next will be worthy of those sacrifices. Does that make sense?

{Heather} My quote will also be a bit spoilery. I’ll just say it’s a character talking to Kylar.

The man smiled wolfishly at him. “You are nothing but a fat, awkward child in the land of giants. You close your mouth instead of eating. You speak when you should listen. What are you for? Any answer I gave you’d reject. So why should I waste my time? You’re as arrogant as your master ever was, and you don’t have a shred of his wisdom. I find you wanting.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Better. Do better.”

I really like this quote because it helps put Kylar in his place for this scene. I like Kylar’s character, but he still needs to grow in some areas, especially when it comes to his powers. He’s only just beginning to understand everything, but he acts as if he already knows everything. I can’t wait to see more interaction between Kylar and this character.


What do you think will happen next?

{Diana} I haven’t got a clue, but I really want to know what’s going on with Elene (even though I still hate her) and Uly and Feir and Curouch and Jenine and Dorian and Solon. . . and the list goes on and on. Weeks seriously owes us some answers before the end of this book. LOTS of answers.

{Heather} Deaths. Lots of death. I’m pretty much waiting for the rest of the cast to die. Brent Weeks is not afraid to kill off his characters. I try not to get too attached to anyone for fear they will die.

This is part two of our Shadow’s Edge buddy read. We’re almost halfway through now and everything is getting intense. If you missed part one, you can find it here.

*As a reminder, we’re both doing giveaways for this trilogy. If you haven’t entered already, you can do so on our introduction post.

**The following may contain spoilers for the first book, The Way of Shadows.

Did anything surprise you in this section?

{Diana} I think the more appropriate question would be, “What didn’t surprise me in this section?” There was that thing with Dorian and the weave, that thing with Kylar and Retribution (which made me question Kylar’s sanity, BTW), who Tenser really was, that time with Logan and the pointy thing, and THAT THING WITH JARL. So, yeah. Plenty of surprises 😉

{Heather} I completely agree with Diana on this one. Everything was a mess, haha. In this section, everything started to build tension, and the story took quite a few turns I wasn’t expecting. The whole thing with Jarl really surprised me. I was not prepared for that scene at all. Brent Weeks, what are you doing to us?!

Who was your favorite character in this section?

{Diana} I’m gonna have to go with Logan this time. I’m fascinated by his character growth and how he’s handling everything that he’s been through. I also really liked General/Commander/Whatever-He-Is Agon. He’s just SO honorable and, like, one of the only characters that you can trust. I think.

{Heather} I would have to say Jarl for this section. He was really owning his role and taking charge. It’s really interesting to see how he’s changed since the start of the trilogy. My second favorite character would have to be Elene . . . just kidding (See next question).

Who was your least favorite character?

{Diana} ELENE. Gah! I just want to shake her! I STRONGLY dislike how she’s trying to change and, dare I say, manipulate Kylar. Yes, he loves her, and yes, he decided to give up the biz for her, but can’t she see what it’s doing to him??? Having him fight his nature and potentially break a vow that he made to her and OTHER STUPID THINGS THAT MADE ME YELL AT MY BOOK LIKE A CRAZY PERSON IS HURTING HIM. Ahem. She’s smothering him and I don’t like it, not one bit.

{Heather} Elene for sure! I hope she develops more in the rest of the trilogy because I really don’t like her now. I don’t hate her . . . no, I’m pretty sure I hate her. I can’t stand what she does to Kylar and how she acts superior to him. Whenever I read a chapter with her in it, I mentally check out because I want to smack her so much.

What was your favorite quote or passage?

{Diana} There’s a part where Momma K and Agon are talking about their strategies for the rebellion, which somehow leads to them talking about their shared history and how (*POSSIBLE SPOILER*) even if he wanted to be with her he couldn’t because there’s a chance that his wife might still be alive somewhere and how he couldn’t betray her as long as that chance was still alive, so could she please help him to resist his attraction to her (“her” being Momma K). First of all, I love how noble Agon is, and second of all (and finally getting to the point) I loved this exchange at the end of their conversation:

“You’ve chosen a hard road,” she said.
“Not a road, a battle. Sometimes life is our battlefield. We must do what we know to do, not what we want to do.”

Can I get a “TRUTH”? I feel like this rings true not only in real life, but also for the majority of characters in this book.

{Heather} Uly has been through a lot in her life, and I really like how this quote gives her more depth. It’s a reminder that children can suffer just as much as adults, and it makes it even worse when they become victims.

If anyone thought children couldn’t suffer pain as deeply as adults, Kylar wished they could see Uly’s eyes now. For all he loved her, he’d been treating her as a child rather than as a human being.

I enjoy this whole scene with Uly because it also shows that she still has some innocence left even after everything she’s been through. It shows more about the relationship between her and Kylar and how close they’ve become.

What do you think will happen next?

{Diana} Honestly, I’ve stopped trying to figure it out—I’m usually wrong anyway! But, I think we’re about to head into some serious chaos. Things are definitely picking up steam and I’m pretty sure it’s all about to hit the proverbial fan 😉

{Heather} I’m pretty sure some people are going to die. No idea who, but I wouldn’t be upset if it was Elene.

Diana and I begin our buddy read with Shadow’s Edge (The second book in The Night Angel Trilogy).

I was going to add a summary to this post of the events that take place in these chapters, but I don’t want to spoil any more than we have to. I want everyone to enjoy all the twists and turns that this trilogy offers. If anyone would like a summary of what happened, I will be more than happy to add one in.

*As a reminder, we’re both doing giveaways for this trilogy. If you haven’t entered already, you can do so on our introduction post.

**The following may contain spoilers for the first book, The Way of Shadows.

Did anything surprise you in this section?

{Diana} You know, there really hasn’t been anything that’s made me gape in astonishment and yell “Whaaaaaaaat???!!!” at the book yet—but I can feel it coming. There are things-a-brewing though, I can feel it.
Wait. I take that back. I was kind of surprised at that job Kylar took, the one down at the docks. It went south pretty quick and I’m still wondering what in the world it was all about. I mean, I see that it’s tied to a certain plot thread, but I don’t really grasp the importance of it yet. So there’s that.

{Heather} I have to say what Logan does to survive shocked me quite a bit. I mean I had a hunch that he might have to do something like that, but I didn’t actually think about him doing it until it happened. I just feel so bad for him because he’s a good person, and he didn’t deserve what happened to him. Although, I do think everything that he is going through will make him an even stronger character. Now, all he needs to do is get out of the Hole.


Who was your favorite character in this section?

{Diana} The obvious answer here would be Kylar, right? But honestly, I’m really liking Uly right know. The poor girl has been through so much recently and yet, despite that, she has this strength about her that’s pretty inspiring. Plus, being only 11, she still has that childlike wonder and sense of innocence that definitely provides a ray of light in this kind of dark story—not to mention comic relief 😉

{Heather} Logan is the answer to this question as well, haha. I just really like how his character is developing, and I like that he isn’t the perfectly untainted character anymore. As of now, he’s still trying to keep to his morals. It’s interesting to see how he reacts to his new situation, and I can’t wait to see what happens WHEN he gets out. There is no IF. He will get out. I know it . . . at least I hope. O.O


Who was your least favorite character?

{Diana} Ooooh, this one is a toss up between the Godking, Garoth Ursuul, and Verdmeister Neph Dada at the moment. The Godking is evil and power-hungry (and does some pretty gross things on page 7), but Neph Dada is conniving and sneaky and obviously has some kind of nefarious plan tucked up his sleeve. . . I’m not sure which is worse.

{Heather} Besides the Godking and Hu Gibbet, I have to say that I’m not a big fan of Elene. I just don’t like how she’s trying to change Kylar. I understand why she would want to, but I want Kylar to embrace his new talents. It’s not that I don’t like her character. I just don’t like that she’s trying to change him. They both had rough childhoods, and I want her to understand his point of view.


What was your favorite quote or passage?

{Diana} I’m totally loving the banter between Kylar, Elene, and Uly, but I think I’m going to go with a quote from Momma K:

“Just because it’s a dream doesn’t mean it’s a lie.”

Things have never been great in Cenaria, especially in the Warrens, but since the Khalidorians invaded things have been positively dire. When Momma K said that to Jarl, it kind of gave me a little spark of hope—hope that maybe they’ll rally, fight back, and change things for the better. I won’t be holding my breath though; Brent Weeks has a way of dashing dreams LOL.

{Heather} I also really like that banter between Kylar, Elene, and Uly. I found myself laughing out loud at quite a few bits of their dialogue. However, my favorite quote would have to be from Dorian:

“Why is it, my shadow-striding friend, that we don’t fear dreams? We lose consciousness, lose control, things happen with no apparent logic and abiding by no apparent rules. Friends appear and morph into strangers. Environments shift abruptly, and we rarely question it. We don’t fear dreams, but we do fear madness, and death terrifies us.”

I’ve never really thought of dreams like this, and I like Dorian’s point. Even though we have no control, we don’t fear dreams like we do other aspects in our lives. It’s an interesting concept to think about.


What do you think will happen next?

{Diana} Well that’s a loaded question! There’s no telling where Weeks is going to take us! But, I HOPE that Kylar is finally going to snap out of it and embrace his destiny (sounds epic, right?) and that Logan finds a way to escape the Hole *crosses fingers*.

{Heather} I completely agree with Diana. I want Kylar to go back to being a wetboy, and I want Logan to escape the Hole. Logan needs to get out, or I will be so mad. He’s been through so much, and I want him to get out and become the leader that everyone needs.

I thought I might combine these two months together for this wrap-up. I didn’t read many books or watch many movies in each month. However, I apparently read lots of four stars books these past two months. Finally, I’m caught up with these wrap-ups! Woo!

*All descriptions for books taken from Goodreads and all descriptions for movies taken from IMDb. All pictures link to their respective Goodreads or IMDb pages.

Anya’s Ghost – Vera Brosgol
Genre – Young Adult/Graphic Novel
My Rating – ★★★★

Anya could really use a friend. But her new BFF isn’t kidding about the “Forever” part.

Of all the things Anya expected to find at the bottom of an old well, a new friend was not one of them. Especially not a new friend who’s been dead for a century.

Falling down a well is bad enough, but Anya’s normal life might actually be worse. She’s embarrassed by her family, self-conscious about her body, and she’s pretty much given up on fitting in at school. A new friend—even a ghost—is just what she needs.

Or so she thinks. Spooky, sardonic, and secretly sincere, Anya’s Ghost is a wonderfully entertaining debut from author/artist Vera Brosgol.

Review: I went into Anya’s Ghost without fully reading the description, and I found that I enjoyed it a lot more than I probably would have had I read it. It was nice to go in kind of blind. The story is surprisingly dark and a lot different than I expected. I really liked the ending because I didn’t see it coming at all. Aside from the story, I thought the characters were very well-written and realistic. None of them were 100% likeable and to me that just seems more accurate. The graphic style is fun and simplistic. It’s not as detailed as a lot of graphic novels but it’s perfect for this story. If you’re into graphic novels I would definitely recommend this book.


The Surprise Party – R. L. Stine
Genre – Young Adult/Horror
My Rating – ★★★★

It’s been a year since Evan died in the Fear Street woods. A year since Ellen moved away, and “the gang” split up. Meg Dalton felt as if she’d lost her best friends. Everyone changed. Even her boyfriend Tony was acting moody, strange. But when she heard that Ellen was returning for a visit, Meg had the answer: she’d bring them all together again with a surprise party for Ellen!

That’s when the terror began…the phone calls…the threats…the bizarre acts of violence. “Cancel the party—or else,” the whispered voice on the phone told her. Meg was scared, and with good reason. Whoever wanted the party stopped woud try anything—even murder! But why? The dark Fear Street woods held the answer…if Meg dared to discover the truth!

Review: The Surprise Party is very similar to other books in this genre by R. L. Stine. It has all of his usual mystery aspects and predictability. The suspects are all typical and very obvious. Meg is too trusting of everyone and that was a bit frustrating for me, but the book was fun to read and fast paced. Of course, as usual, the ending was a bit crazy and out there. Up until the end of the story, everything made a lot of sense though. Stine’s books are always entertaining to read, and I would recommend them if you’re already a fan of his.


Scarlet – Marissa Meyer
Genre – Young Adult/Fantasy
My Rating – ★★★★

Cinder, the cyborg mechanic, returns in the second thrilling installment of the bestselling Lunar Chronicles. She’s trying to break out of prison–even though if she succeeds, she’ll be the Commonwealth’s most wanted fugitive. Halfway around the world, Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother is missing. It turns out there are many things Scarlet doesn’t know about her grandmother or the grave danger she has lived in her whole life. When Scarlet encounters Wolf, a street fighter who may have information as to her grandmother’s whereabouts, she is loath to trust this stranger, but is inexplicably drawn to him, and he to her. As Scarlet and Wolf unravel one mystery, they encounter another when they meet Cinder. Now, all of them must stay one step ahead of the vicious Lunar Queen Levana, who will do anything for the handsome Prince Kai to become her husband, her king, her prisoner.

Review: Scarlet is a fun read. A bit predictable, but fun all the same. The plot is very interesting and keeps you entertained. I really liked the world but wish there was more world building. You just don’t get to see enough about how everything operates. On the other hand, the characters are what really drive the story. I enjoyed seeing Cinder’s point of view again and was glad to see other characters had returned as well. I didn’t like Scarlet as much as Cinder, but she isn’t a terrible character. She just has a few traits that irked me. Out of all the characters though, Thorne is by far my favorite. The Lunar Chronicles is a series that you should absolutely check out because all the books are fun, easy, and provide a nice change of pace.

*As an added bonus for Scarlet, I’ve been provided with an audio sample to share with you from Macmillan Audio. Click here to listen to the first chapter of the audiobook.


Spirits of the Noh – Thomas Randall
Genre – Young Adult/Horror
My Rating – ★★★★½

Kara Harper is finally starting to fit in at her boarding school in Japan-after all, nothing bonds you with your classmates like having an ancient demon put a curse on you. Hoping life can go back to normal now that the demon has been put to rest, Kara joins her friends Sakura and Miho in putting on a play for the Noh drama club. It’s the story of the Hannya, a snake demon who inhabits the body of a beautiful woman. When a few members of the Noh club go missing, Kara fears that the real Hannya has been awakened by the curse. Then Miho is abducted, and Kara must find her before the Hannya destroys her. But the demon is wily, and may be hidden in the last place any of them would think to look . . . .

Review: I’m loving this series. Spirits of Noh is a nice addition to the first book and doesn’t just provide a bridge to the third book. It’s as good as Dreams of the Dead and I am really looking forward to the third book now. The characters continue to develop and the plot remains intriguing. I still love the setting, and the descriptions constantly make me want to go to Japan. The only negative I have about this book is that Kara seems to have regressed a little. How she feels about her dad’s relationship has changed from the first book. Other than that the book is very fun and enjoyable. The book is classified as young adult horror and lives up to the genre while not being overly scary. I think everyone that enjoys young adult should give this trilogy a chance.


The Night She Disappeared – April Henry
Genre – Young Adult/Mystery
My Rating – ★★★★

Gabie drives a Mini Cooper. She also works part time as a delivery girl at Pete’s Pizza. One night, Kayla—another delivery girl—goes missing. To her horror, Gabie learns that the supposed kidnapper had asked if the girl in the Mini Cooper was working that night. Gabie can’t move beyond the fact that Kayla’s fate was really meant for her, and she becomes obsessed with finding Kayla. She teams up with Drew, who also works at Pete’s. Together, they set out to prove that Kayla isn’t dead—and to find her before she is.

Review: The Night She Disappeared is really short and fast paced. There aren’t that many details and you don’t really get to know the characters, but the story is pretty interesting. The story is told through four different perspectives, one of which belongs to the killer. This allows the reader to know more than the characters and makes everything more suspenseful. As the book begins wrapping up things get really exciting. It was a lot more intense than I expected. If you’re in the mood for a quick mystery, this is the book for you.



Blazing Saddles
Rating – R
My Rating – ★★★★

To ruin a western town, a corrupt political boss appoints a black sheriff, who promptly becomes his most formidable adversary.

Review: Blazing Saddles was surprisingly funny. I know Mel Brooks is well-known for his comedy, but I was just worried this one might not be as good as some of the others like Young Frankenstein and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Those are two of my favorite movies. The plot is a little silly but that’s to be expected from a satire like this.  It’s not a movie that will stick in my mind forever, but it’s definitely enjoyable. If you’re a fan of comedies, this is certainly one to check out.


The Brothers Grimm
Rating – PG-13
My Rating – ★★★★

Will and Jake Grimm are traveling con-artists who encounter a genuine fairy-tale curse which requires true courage instead of their usual bogus exorcisms.

Review: The Brothers Grimm is a fun movie, but it’s very silly. It’s entertaining, and the acting is perfect for this type of movie. The fact that Will and Jake are con-artists really makes the story go in a more interesting direction. It wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would be, and I really enjoyed it. There were a lot of scenes that caught me off guard, and I found myself laughing quite often. It’s hard to recommend this to a certain group of people, but if you read the description and think it sounds interesting, you’ll probably really enjoy it.


Saving Private Ryan
Rating – R
My Rating – ★★★★★

Following the Normandy Landings, a group of U.S. soldiers go behind enemy lines to retrieve a paratrooper whose brothers have been killed in action.

Review: Saving Private Ryan is such a fantastic movie. I always avoided this movie because the opening scenes are so graphic, but I’m glad I finally watched it. The acting is great, but Tom Hanks stands out as my favorite. It’s easy to get attached to all of the characters and genuinely concerned any time they’re in danger. It’s very unpredictable and just a beautiful story overall. If you haven’t seen it then you really need to. This is a movie that can be enjoyed by everyone and not just fans of war movies.