To-Be-Watched Movies/TV Series

Unlike my To-Be-Read Books, I have less movies that I need to watch. I also have some TV series that I need to watch, so I decided to combine the two.  I still have not located a jar, so this will be my TBW Box. I’m a bit reluctant to call it that because I googled TBW and ended up finding some funny definitions. Just go ahead. I know you want to.

20131221_221306TBW Movies

I just find it so adorable!

The Rules of the TBW Box:

This will be similar to how I pick from my TBR Container. I’ll pick two slips of paper out and choose which movie or TV series I want to watch. There are around 50 slips of paper inside. I’m excited to see how this will work for movies. Hopefully, I don’t just continue to watch movies I’ve already seen a hundred times (I’m probably not exaggerating about that number either). I tend to watch movies over and over. I’m surprised my DVD Player hasn’t spit out the discs and been like “Enough, woman! Pick something else.” So, to avoid my DVD Player coming to life, I will enforce the TBW Box as soon as possible. I’m sure the box is too adorable to abandon, anyway. I mean, look at that little face.