This blog will be a mixture of different reviews. It will include book reviews and movie reviews. Plus, I might include book hauls, movie hauls, or something related to books or movies throughout the week.

For the movie and book reviews:
Some of the movies that I will review will be new releases and others will be older movies that I enjoy or want to discuss. The book reviews will follow the same concept but will most likely not be new releases because a girl has got to save money. I plan to write about plot, characters, and genre with the movie reviews and plot, characters, and world development with book reviews. I may even include how the trailers differ from the movie and how the book and movie compare.


★★★★★ = Fantastic, I would highly recommend!
★★★★ = Great, I would recommend.
★★★ = Good, It’s worth watching.
★★ = Okay, Not really worth watching.
★ = Hated, I would not recommend this movie.

Books (Goodreads Rating Scale)
★★★★★ = Loved, I would highly recommend!
★★★★ = Really Liked, I would recommend.
★★★ = Liked, It’s worth reading.
★★ = Okay, It just fell flat.
★ = Hated, I would not recommend this book.