Diana and I finished reading Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks, and we wanted to discuss as much as we could about it because so much happens within this book. This is our conversation from Twitter.

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**The following may contain spoilers forย The Way of Shadowsย andย Shadow’s Edge.

Bookish Talk

{Diana} So, what did you think of Shadow’s Edge? Was it all you’d hoped it would be and more? ๐Ÿ˜‰
{Heather} Yes, but now I want even more from Beyond the Shadows! After the ending in Shadow’s Edge, I need to find out what happens next.
{Diana} Oh, girl, me too! And that ending!!! GAH! Mind = Blown.
{Heather} Yes! I did a little dance when I finished. I was so excited!
{Diana} Ha! I bet you were! That was a pretty fantastic surprise. I’m dying to know what it all means ๐Ÿ™‚
{Heather} I can’t wait to find out where it leads. Oh and especially everything with Logan! I wonder what’s going to happen to him in the next book?
{Diana} He’s going to punch Terah Graesin in the face and take his throne back, that’s what. Or, at least I hope that’s what he does, LOL! Like you, I’m super intrigued about the Wolf. Who is he and what in the world is he up to?!
{Heather} Logan better punch Terah in the face or I’m going to jump in the book and do it myself, haha. And, I know! The Wolf is so strange, and that note at the end really made me not trust him as much as I did.
{Diana} Right? I feel like we should have known better though. It seems like everyone has their own agenda or ulterior motive for EVERYTHING that they do. At this point I’m not entirely sure we can trust anyone. Except for Logan. . .I hope.
{Heather} That’s so true. Everyone is up to something. Logan better not betray us. I don’t think I’ll be able to get over that if he does.
{Diana} You know what’s funny? I was looking back at all of our chats, and not once did either of us say that Kylar was our favorite character. Why do you think that is?
{Heather} Hmm, that’s really interesting. I know I really like him though. Maybe, for me, it’s because he grew a lot in the first book, but in Shadow’s Edge he seemed to regress when he was with Elene. Maybe I just really can’t stand her, but I didn’t like what she did to him. I wanted him to not change just for her. What do you think?
{Diana} I actually agree with you. While Kylar is definitely, like, the driving force of this story and while I really do like him, I feel like he kind of devolved in this book. I largely blame it on that manipulative cow Elene, but I also think it has something to do with the loss of his mentor and, therefore, a loss of direction and/or purpose. I don’t think he knew what to do with himself once he was in charge of his own destiny and ended up making some pretty sketchy decisions because of it *cough* Retribution *cough*. I’m glad he got his act together though and I’m interested to see how the developments at the end change him, because I’m pretty sure they will.
{Heather} I completely agree. Without his mentor, Kylar just seemed a bit lost and didn’t know what he really wanted to do with his life. I feel like he became even more attached to Elene because she was someone in his past and he didn’t want to lose her. I wanted to smack Kylar so hard during the Retribution scene. I was like “you crazy, boy!” haha! Yeah, I’m ready for some more development from Kylar. I can’t wait to see how the third book will go for him.
{Diana} Okay, we’ve established that while we both liked Kylar, he didn’t quite do it for us this time around. Who was your fave character overall? I’ll be surprised if we don’t have the same answer ๐Ÿ˜‰
{Heather} Haha I would have to say Logan! He’s just such an awesome character. Who was yours?
{Diana} Ha! I knew it! He’s my favorite too! He went through some pretty horrific things in this book but still managed to grow SO much. I have high hopes for his continued development in Beyond the Shadows—-so that probably means Weeks is going to kill him off :/ LOL
{Heather} Brent Weeks better not! I don’t know if my little heart can handle that. I know I would be extremely upset and be in a reading slump for the rest of the year, haha.
{Diana} Alright, flipside—who was your least favorite character overall?
{Heather} Oh gosh, it’s so hard to pick one least favorite character. There were so many for me, but I would have to say overall, the Godking was the worst. After all he did and all of the “decorations” in his bedroom, he was purely evil and power hungry. There were no redeeming qualities about him. My other least favorites were, of course, Elene, Terah, Fin, and Hu Gibbet.
{Diana} Man, I almost forgot about the bedroom decorations. That was. . .disturbing. He definitely is evil incarnate and the worst kind of bad guy, but my least favorite character was definitely Terah Graesin. She made me so FURIOUS. I literally didn’t know what to do with my anger for what she did to both Kylar and Logan. Especially Logan. If Weeks kills off anyone in the next book, I hope it’s her. And I hope it’s gruesome.
{Heather} Terah was just plain awful. I completely agree with you about how she should be killed, haha. She doesn’t deserve a fast or easy death.
{Diana} Out of all of the surprises that Weeks threw our way, what surprised you the most?
{Heather} The one thing that surprised me the most would have to be the note at the end. I really didn’t see that coming, and I just stared at the book for a long time in shock. I was so happy, and I didn’t think that would happen at all. What part surprised you the most?
{Diana} The same ๐Ÿ™‚ I couldn’t believe my eyes—I had to read it, like, three times before it sank in! LOL. I was also pretty surprised by that whole Vi-Kylar-Earring thing and I’m dying to know how all that’s going to work itself out.
{Heather} Yes, as soon as Vi looked at the earrings, I was like do it! This would wreck Elene’s day, haha.
{Diana} Bahahahaha! That’s funny ๐Ÿ™‚ So we’ve talked about what shocked us the most, but what was your favorite part of the book in general?
{Heather} *This will be a spoiler* I would probably say when Logan gets out of the Hole. I waited so long for it, and at first I thought Brent Weeks would get him out of the Hole only to kill him from infection, haha. I was so happy when that didn’t happen. What about yours?
{Diana} I was super happy when that happened too, but my favorite part is actually twofold: first I LOVED Logan’s speech before the last battle, and second I loved what happened after the last battle. You know, all the chanting. Look out Terah Graesin, the true King will rise! Lol ๐Ÿ™‚
{Heather} I was chanting with them! Terah just needs to leave forever and never come back. She would be a terrible leader.
Logan is just so amazing! Every scene he was in was great, haha. His speech was fantastic, and I loved what he did for the women who had to become prostitutes to survive. He gave them so much hope, and he didn’t even have to do that.
{Diana} Oh gosh, I felt so bad for those women. Especially when they were rejected by their men at first after all they did to survive. What those women did on The Nocte Hemata was truly spectacular and it was so awesome for Logan to recognize them for it. He’s the best ๐Ÿ˜€
{Heather} Exactly! They did so much, and I really felt they deserved all the recognition. I can’t wait to see more of Logan! haha.
{Diana} Okay, so other than the very obvious, what plot thread are you looking forward to seeing the conclusion of the most?
{Heather} I want to see what happens with Vi. I mean after the earring incident, I want to see where all that puts her in the third book. Elene is another character that I want to see what’s going on with her. Mostly to watch her suffer, haha. While we are at it, I want to see Terah suffer too. Oh gosh, this just turned very dark. ๐Ÿ˜€
{Diana} Ha! Maybe just a little, but I’m right there with you ๐Ÿ˜‰
I’m super curious about the whole Dorian-Jenine plotline. Especially because Logan and Jenine kind of have a thing going on. And of course I want to know about all things Logan. And the great earring debacle. And ALL THE THINGS. I’m ready for Book 3!!!
{Heather} I forgot about the Dorian/Jenine thing! That was really interesting when that happened. It was kind of cute when Dorian was talking about it. I wonder how Logan will take it when he finds out. I’m so ready for book 3 too! ๐Ÿ˜€
{Diana} Yay! Let’s do this!!!
{Heather} YES!