This is the final part for Shadow’s Edge. So many things happen in this section! Diana and I will be starting Beyond the Shadows next.

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**The following may contain spoilers for The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge.


Did anything surprise you in this section?

{Diana} THE END. Really, everything in the last 100 pages or so, but HOLY COW, THAT ENDING!!! Brent Weeks is a evil genius and I bow down to him in reverence.

{Heather} I completely agree with Diana. The ending was a huge surprise! I was so excited that I squealed. I’m ready for the next book. *Grabby hands*


Who was your favorite character in this section?

{Diana} Like Heather, I liked Lilly a lot in the last section, but her part in the final battle of this book really cemented my admiration of her. Her loyalty to Logan is unwavering and that totally makes her a winner in my book 😉

{Heather} I definitely agree with Diana about Lilly. I would have to say Vi for this section. She’s really growing on me as a character, and I like where she’s headed. I can’t wait to see more from her.


Who was your least favorite character?

{Diana} Move over Elene, there’s a new biatch in town—Terah Graesin. OMG, I hate her SO MUCH. So, so much. Like, I was screaming at the book in public because of her. I seriously hope she dies a horrible, horrible death.

{Heather} Diana and I are very synced up with these questions. I can’t stand Terah Graesin! I thought Elene was bad, but no Terah had to prove me wrong. Why does she have to be so awful? I really hope she meets a ferali . . .


What was your favorite quote or passage?

{Diana} My favorite quote in this section comes from Logan as he addresses the masses on the eve of the last battle. I’m not gonna lie, it kind of gave me chills.

“Let me tell you what I learned in the Hole. I learned that in suffering, we find the true measure of our strength. I learned that a man can be a coward one day and a hero the next. I learned that I’m not as good a man as I thought I was. But the most important thing is this: I learned that though it cost me dearly, I can change. I learned that what has been broken can be made new. Do you know who taught me that? A prostitute. In a bitter woman who made her living in shame, I found honor, courage, and loyalty. She inspired me and she saved me.”

*slow claps* King Gyre! King Gyre! King Gyre! Ahem. What?! It’s not like you didn’t know that I’m Team Logan all the way 😉

{Heather} Besides the amazing speech Logan gives, my other favorite quote is when Momma K is talking to Kylar about showing a certain character compassion.

“What did Durzo teach you, Kylar?” Momma K asked. “A wetboy is a knife. Is the guilt the knife’s or the hand’s?”

“Both, and damn Durzo for his lies.”

I won’t say who they are talking about, but I thought this quote really did justice for him/her. Momma K is asking Kylar if it’s the killers fault for the murder or the person who hired the killer. I find this really interesting considering Kylar’s past, and I think it puts the whole thing in perspective because it’s not just one person’s fault when a wetboy kills someone. That person shouldn’t be the only one held responsible when two parties were involved in the murder. This quote just really stuck out to me, and I liked it.


What do you think will happen next?

{Diana} I literally have no predictions for what will happen in Beyond the Shadows. Weeks has already shown that he’s not afraid to make terrible things happen and that he’s most definitely a fan of high shock value, AND I’ve already had people warn me about the craziness that is the next book, soooooo I’ve got nothing. I really hope that something truly horrendous befalls Terah Graesin though. *crosses fingers*

{Heather} I’m not entirely sure but I hope Logan can take his place as King without someone *cough* Graesin *cough* trying to take it from him. I want to know more about the Wolf character. He is too mysterious, and I feel like he’s up to something. Chad keeps hinting at the third book being even better, but I’m not sure I can handle all of the twists. These books are just so good!